01 May
By Victoria Wainwright

Bradford Manufacturing Week 2018

We’re backing Bradford Manufacturing Week 2018

At Naylor Wintersgill we’ve been passionate about supporting our clients, many of whom are part of the local manufacturing community, to grow and succeed in Bradford for over 100 years. With this, we’re delighted to introduce you to a pioneering new initiative we are actively backing.

The Chamber of Commerce, Bradford & Airedale Manufacturing Alliance and local manufacturers have launched exciting plans to introduce the district’s manufacturers to young people and change perceptions of manufacturing and apprenticeships as positive career options.

Bradford Manufacturing Week will take place between 8th and 12th October 2018

The week will involve a series of events aimed at showing 14 - 18 year olds, their parents, teachers and the world in general, just how exciting, vibrant, and varied modern manufacturing is.

The initiative aims to:

  • Deliver 1,000 work experience days during the week for youngsters
  • Showcase products that Bradford creates and industries that Bradford facilitates
  • Attract young people into our manufacturing businesses
  • Increase take up of apprenticeships
  • Increase productivity of our district by encouraging young talent
  • Contribute further to the GDP of the Northern Powerhouse


Getting involved

Having offered an apprenticeship programme at Naylor Wintersgill for over 25 years we’re keen to ensure that as many businesses as possible are not only aware of this campaign but have the opportunity to engage, either through sponsorship or by getting involved with the diary of events running up to and during the week. 

We would be delighted to work in partnership with you to raise the profile of manufacturing to future potential employees and the public. If you or your company want to get involved in you can do so by…

  • Taking a look at the BMW 2018 website
  • Forwarding this information on to any of your manufacturing contacts that may be interested – help us spread the word.


Let’s shout loud about manufacturing in Bradford & Airedale!